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Welcome to Milcombe Village Website. We hope you will find all the information you are looking for. If you wish to add any information, please contact: Sarah Smith or Theresa Goss on the contact boxes above .


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Planning Application 15


Extremely disappointed to report that the application for 40 houses to the north of The Green, Adjacent to Oak Farm was APPROVED by a majority decision by the Planning Committee – many thanks to Cllr Chris Heath for all her great efforts and to all villagers who objected to the application through the petition, individual letters to CDC; or through attendance at Planning Committee. Unfortunately we have no right of Appeal.


Milcombe Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 1 March 2016 Milcombe Parish Council on Facebook Minutes – The minutes of the meeting held on 5 January 2016 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman. Planning Matters:

Planning Application 15/02068/OUT – Land North of The Green and adjacent to Oak Farm Drive, Milcombe for the erection of 40 dwellings with means of access to be assessed and all other matters reserved – This application had been deferred for a site visit and all residents were encouraged to attend the next Planning Committee meeting to show their support for refusal of this application. The meeting was on Thursday 17 March 2016 at Bodicote House. The start time would be confirmed the week before. Cherwell District Council – Consultation Documents – The Parish Councillors would examine the following documents and pass their comments to the Clerk to enable a response to be collated and submitted the Cherwell District Council.

• Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

• Partial Review of Cherwell Local Plan Part 1

• Cherwell Local Plan Part 2

• Draft Statement of Community Involvement

15/01845/LB, Manor Farm Horton Lane Milcombe – The Parish Council had no comments on the application for the replacement of six south east facing windows.

Footpath Number 3 – This footpath had been a legal right of way since 1952. Initial measurements, at the north end of that part of the path adjacent to the garages at The Green, showed that there was a small portion of land, to the south of the northern boundary, that was part of the curtilage of The Green. This should prevent implementation of a pedestrian access, from the proposed development, to the public footpath.

15/01905/HED – Removal of Hedgerows at Hook Norton Road, Milcombe – The Parish Council would be writing again to Andy Preston at Cherwell District Council, expressing its concern with regard to the inaccuracies in his reply to the Parish Council’s original letter relating to this application. It was also reported that a section (5-6m) of hedgerow had been removed, on the western side of New Road, about 100m from the junction with the A361. This would be queried with Cherwell District Council as to whether planning permission should have been sought.


Rose Todd is giving a talk on

‘Around the World Yacht Race’

Rose Todd is coming to give a talk on ‘Around the World Yacht Race’  which she has undertaken a few years ago. It will be in the hall from 7.30pm on Tuesday 12th April. Small cost towards hire of hall and refreshments.



Wednesday 27th April 2016 – Village Hall – 8.00pm.

The Annual General Meeting of Milcombe Charities will take place in the Village Hall on the 27th March 2016 at 8.00pm. At this meeting all five Trustees retire but offer themselves for re-election. As we are always looking for new blood we would welcome anybody who would be interested in becoming a Trustee to apply to the Secretary, Tricia Morris on 01295 721066, to register their interest for inclusion on the ballot paper before the 6th April 2016.

All villagers are welcome and are entitled to vote for the election of the 5 Trustees.


The Milcombe Annual Parish Meeting 

TUESDAY 3rd MAY 2016 AT 8.00pm at the village hall. 

All residents are invited to attend and there will be wine and nibbles at the end of the meeting 


Parish Council Meeting 

Tuesday 10 May 2016 at 8.00pm 

Remember everyone are welcome to attend the Council meeting and there is a 10 minute slot when residents can bring forward current matters for discussion at the meeting. Your support is always welcome.


Artweeks poster 2016

The Oxfordshire Artweeks Festival is the opportunity for a wonderful day out: expect the unexpected, be inspired, diverted and delighted – and come home with a unique artwork of your own. You’ll be able to meet artists in a wide range of amazing venues, talk about their work, watch demonstrations and maybe have a go yourself. Or simply feast your eyes on a huge range of creative activity, from painting, photography, textiles, sculpture and ceramics, to furniture, glass, mosaics, jewellery, digital art and much more.

The next Artweeks will take place from the 7th to 30th May 2016. For three weeks, you will be able to visit open studios in towns and venues across Oxfordshire for free. The first week will take place in Oxford itself as 200 art spaces across the city welcome you in. The second will focus on exhibitions along the Thames from Faringdon to Henley and the Ridgeway from Wantage to Thame, and in the third week, visit beautiful North Oxfordshire where venues can be found nestled from Burford and Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds across to the historic market towns of Bicester and Banbury.


There is currently a vacancy for a Councillor on Milcombe Parish Council. Being a Parish Councillor in Milcombe gives you a real opportunity to make a difference to the community and it gives you a chance to help make Milcombe an even better place to live. To find out more about joining Milcombe Parish Council, call Theresa Goss on 01295 710965 or email Or, to apply to be co-opted to the vacancy, just write a brief summary about you and your skills and why you would like to be a Parish Councillor and send it to Theresa at 3 Tanners Close, Middleton Cheney, OX17 2GD or email to


Oh! I forgot, that’s what I wanted to do last weekend – but didn’t.

Stirling work was done by a few for the benefit of the many of Milcombe. We now have a pleasant and litter free village and what a difference a couple of hours with a plastic bin-bag can make. Eight 8 full bags of dropped and discarded litter were collected. Cans, wrappers, fag packets, all general litter that could have made it to the bin but didn’t. More worrying was syringe needles and get drunk and incapable quick cider bottles, a sad reminder of society and failing parenting skills. Please don’t feel guilty for missing the litter picking weekend, after all litter can be picked up any day of the week and put in the bin.



The spirit of Milcombe


The spirit of Milcombe , like many villages, is disappearing rapidly, and with an expected  growth in new housing, the old values, which for generations have maintained the independence of our village communities, will disappear unless newcomers and the younger generation are prepared to support the organisations that are designed to sustain a healthy, social structure within rural communities. To keep this village socially active we need new blood to give as little as 2/3 hours per month to help in the various activities which are  part of our village.

Please contact David Charles  on 01295 721158 or 07989 408553.

Free Social Media for women in Oxfordshire.

 Oxfordshire County Council got some funding from the Government Equalities Office to set up some workshops about Social Media for women in Oxfordshire.

You can find the website at

Follow this link to find out more – Social Media for Women

Helen Foster Project Co-ordinator, Women and Broadband Oxfordshire County Council 07968 850014


Fly tipping is the common term used to describe waste that has been illegally deposited causing damage to the environment, costing businesses, landowners and tax payers millions every year. 

Householder’s responsibility: 

Householders are required by law to check that anyone removing waste from their property are authorised to do so. Check waste carriers are genuine and hold a waste carriers licence.  To check your waste carrier is holds a legitimate waste carriers licence contact the Environment Agency on: 03708 506506 or on line at Most large skip companies will display their waste carrier licence number in the windscreen of their vehicle. If they are not registered, residents should refuse their service. If they claim to be registered but do not have any paperwork, residents can telephone the Environment Agency on 03708 506506 and request an instant Waste Carrier Validation. Record the registration number of any vehicle removing waste from your home.  Pay by cheque as payments can be traced if the waste is fly tipped. If they insist on cash refuse their service and request a receipt for their service.

Reporting Fly tipping: 

Where house hold waste has been dumped (fly tipped) on adopted highway:  Residents should contact their local authority / Borough Council who will arrange for its removal.  Where house hold waste has been dumped (fly tipped) private land:  The land owner would be responsible for its removal by a licensed waste carrier.

Council’s can fine householders that hire a company to take materials away from their house that end up fly tipped To find out more about waste crime visit:

High-Speed Broadband arrives in Milcombe 

High-Speed Broadband

 As part of the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme, a fibre-enabled cabinet is now live and ready to take orders in Milcombe. This means that 261 residents and businesses in the parish will be able to request an upgrade to fibre-enabled broadband from a range of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In most cases, this means that residents can select a product offering download speeds above 24Mb/s following infrastructure upgrades made via the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme. The aim of the £30.1m programme, funded by Oxfordshire County Council, Cherwell District Council, Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) and BT, is to provide access to fibre-enabled broadband where this is not commercially viable without public sector investment. The cabinet in the following location is now sporting a large sticker declaring, ‘Fibre broadband is here.’ This indicates that the cabinet is live and ready to take customer orders. Bloxham Cabinet 5: Located on the Main Road, opposite Southwynd, Bloxham Road, Milcombe, Banbury OX15 4RH

Bloxham 5

Serves 18 postcodes

OX15 4RD OX15 4RL OX15 4RU

OX15 4RE OX15 4RN OX15 4RW

OX15 4RF OX15 4RP OX15 4RX

OX15 4RG OX15 4RQ OX15 4RZ

OX15 4RH OX15 4RR OX15 4SA

OX15 4RJ OX15 4RS OX15 4SB

 Please note that improved broadband services are not turned on automatically. To access fibre-enabled broadband, please contact your chosen ISP or use comparison sites to find available packages. There is a list of ISPs on the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire website: If you contact an ISP, please state that you wish to order ‘fibre-enabled / superfast broadband,’ otherwise they may offer you a slower broadband service. Your chosen ISP should be able to offer any technical assistance to access fibre-enabled / superfast broadband. It is also important to note, that not all premises within a postcode area will be necessarily be able to order superfast speeds (above 24Mb/s). Premises will be able to access a range of speeds – some will get superfast broadband and others will be able to get anywhere between 2Mb/s and 24Mb/s, depending on distance from the cabinet. 

Hands off the Oxfordshire Countryside!

CPRE Oxfordshire has launched a joint e-petition with Rural Oxfordshire Action Rally (ROAR) to ask Eric Pickles and our local MPs to end the unrestrained development in the county. It calls for a number of changes, including an end to the unfair penalties faced by local communities when a District does not have an up to date 5 Year Housing Supply.  The Parish Council would encourage as many people as possible to sign the petition.  If you would like to do so, please click on this link.

Milcombe shield Milcombe Newsletter

Milcombe Newsletter will be produced each month and will be available at the Village Hall; Church; The Horse & Groom; and at the New Road Shop.

Contributions, by email (Microsoft Word compatible). To be received by 18th of month prior to publication.

(NO REMINDERS) to All contributions are cut and pasted and not edited.

Please click on below to see the newsletter

Milcombe NewsLetter Nov 15



• Thames Water to take on the responsibility of 4,000 sewage pumping stations from property owners and managers 

• Utility will take over electricity and maintenance costs under new legislation, potentially saving customers thousands of pounds 

• Firm appeals for help tracking 1,800 ‘missing’ stations

Thames Water is appealing to customers to help identify privately owned sewage pumping stations. The utility, which serves 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley, will take responsibility for around 4,000 pumping in October 2016, but needs to track down 1,800 currently off its radar.  New legislation means sewage pumping stations, which power wastewater away from properties and out into the public sewer pipe network, currently owned and maintained by customers will become legally owned and operated by the local water company. The pumping stations are found in all shapes and sizes, and can be in places where there are a number of properties needing to connect to the public sewer network. Customers will know they have one as they’ll be paying to maintain and power them.

Jerry White, of Thames Water, said: “This is really good news for customers. We’d urge anyone who thinks they may have one to get in touch so we can check they are eligible for the transfer of ownership. In some cases, as well as electricity savings, maintaining and replacing pumps can cost thousands of pounds so it’s an excellent deal for them.  “We believe we know where approximately half of the stations we need to take over are, but really need help to find the other 1,800. Please get in touch if you think this applies to you and we can take on the responsibility forever.”

Water Pump

Anyone with a private pumping station can make Thames Water aware at  

A sewer pumping station is likely to be ‘adopted’ by Thames Water if it was in use before July 2011 (and) serve a single property, and is outside the property boundary (or) serves two or more properties

More information:

Bin It Campaign

Seniors Club

Seniors Club

PageLines- Seniors-Club-Image.png A selection of games, bingo, occasional speakers or a film with refreshments available. Click to read more  
Womens Group

Womens Group

DSCF0078  All new members welcome. The meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm  in the Village Hall. Click to read  more
Gardening Club

Gardening Club

Gardening-ClubThe longest running club in the village, formed in 1983, with around 40 members.  Click to read more
Conservation Group

Conservation Group

Conservation-GroupThe Milcombe Conservation Group (MCG) was established under the auspices of the Parish Council. Click to read more


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St Laurence History

St Laurence History

Milcombe-ChurchThe Church of St Laurence’s, Milcombe, is a small but well proportioned church.  Click to read more
St Laurence Church

St Laurence Church

Church-of-St-LawrenceChurch Service and Events. Click to read more
Village History

Village History

Village-HistoryLearn more about the history of Milcome Village. Click to read more

Useful Telephone Numbers

Age Concern UK - 01295 278040
Alcoholics Anonymous - 0845 769 7555
Banbury Young Homeless Project - 01295 259442
Cherwell District Council - 01295 227001
Child Line - 0800 1111
Oxfordshire County Council - 01865 792422
Narcotics Anonymous - 0300 999 1212
Samaritans - 01295 270000

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